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It's your turn to move!!!

At XMandarin we don’t only want to help you learn our language but also our culture. Probably you have seen many times people playing Chinese Chess in the street or in a park. This game is called Xiàngqí (象棋) and it is one of the most popular pastimes in China.

Xiàngqí is a two player game which resembles a war between two armies. Similar to international chess the game ends when one player captures the other players’ king and in this case; the general. The Xiàngqí board represents a battlefield with a ‘palace’ on each side and a ‘river’ in the middle of the board. The game is played around these places with pieces that have their own unique movement. This means you need a solid strategy and flexible thinking to win the game.

This month, if you come to our front desk to ask information about our courses, we will give you a Xiàngqí, so you can learn this authentic local game and have fun with your friends. Maybe, after some practice, you can even go to a park and beat one of the experienced players!

If you book one of our courses this month we also have another discount offer for you. There is a dartboard at our front desk where you can throw a dart and get a discount on the course you booked. We hope to see you soon at our front desk!

For more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail.



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