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Learn Chinese @ Home

If you cannot afford to go to China, don’t worry! XMandarin Chinese Language Centre (CLC) is a global provider for students wanting to learn Mandarin Chinese with a native and professional teacher online. We provide a large library of online learning resources here, recorded video lessons and live online courses available.

With the fast development of the internet and the popularity of learning Chinese all over the world, a new style of learning Chinese draws more and more learners’attention, it’s an Online Chinese Course . XMandarin CLC opens online classrooms for all the Chinese learners, in addition to our real school located in Qingdao.

Log on your skype, pour yourself a cup of drink hot or cold, locate yourself in a super comfortable place, and no matter where you are, or what you are wearing, let’s start our Chinese learning! Ultra-flexible (XMandarin is focused on flexibility) to place and time, and amazing Chinese course at your convenience. Online class do save a lot of time and energy for you as well as provide you a new style of learning. You can say goodbye to the heavy traffic, crowded bus, harsh weather, late for class and such embarrassing stuff once you join the online class.

For future information about learning Chinese online with CLC, please contact mandarin@tianyanedu.com, or add our skype name “qdxmandarin”, thanks!


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