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Why Choose XMandarin

We are international!

In the past years, students from more than 50 nations have registered to study Mandarin with us in Qingdao (and online). Our students make great friendships with their classmates and schoolmates while learning Mandarin in and out of the classroom. Our campus is located in the international heart of the city, and we would love to show you around Qingdao.

We are widely recognized as the best Mandarin language school in Qingdao

We are officially registered a language school in Qingdao, by the government education bureau, so we are licensed to teach Mandarin, Korean and Japanese (and English, if you need it).  New Global School (XMandarin’s parent school, see our history) has been approved by the International Profession Association as a qualified training school to train teachers in teaching (Mandarin) Chinese.  Of course, our student’s approval is the most important, and we’ve been chosen by Fortune 500 companies, several foreign universities, and over a thousand foreign students as their Mandarin Chinese training school.

We are professional!

We require our teachers to speak standard Putonghua (普通话, official Mandarin Chinese) and English (although some speak even more languages), have at least a Bachelor’s degree and 3000 hours of teaching experience.Our Mandarin study courses are all individually tailored to your learning needs.  Choose the right course, teacher, location, and textbook for you.  Our corporate training is another important service, our teachers will meet you at your company or in our classroom to give you your Chinese lesson ranging from basic Chinese lessons to advanced business courses.
Amazing and convenient location to study and play!
XMandarin Chinese Language Centre is located in Qingdao’s city center (in Shinan district, close to JUSCO, Mykal and Book City), with lots of restaurants, shops, bookstores, hair salon, bakeries, massage, shopping, bank and cafes in the vicinity. There are many bus lines and enough parking places provided for easy access.

Comfortable facilities!

Our centre provides well-equipped classrooms with central air conditioning and heat (even Chinese universities don’t have this), wireless network, and smart-boards and a comfortable rest corner, where you can taste Chinese tea and exchange your interesting Chinese experience in Qingdao with other foreign students. Our staff will try our best to provide wonderful service to help with your life in Qingdao.

Great students life!

Qingdao is a lovely place to live, famous for excellent weather, good air quality, and it’s picturesque setting. Our campus is close to the waterfront and less than a half hour away from a small mountain.Qingdao itself has lots of fun activities, clubs, bars, and foreign food, especially in this neighborhood.Here at XMandarin, we believe that classroom education is the beginning to study, not the end. We have frequent cultural learning activities, as well as real world applications for our student’s lessons.Some favorites are: Chinese cooking, calligraphy, Chinese table, tours of Qingdao hotspots, Taichi classes and business workshops.Click here for pictures of past activities, and here for new schedule.


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