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 Internship Flex Course Packages 


[Y]our most flexible option for people coming from abroad in need of visa. Combine any course type, study whenever you want, receive a student visa, all for one price.

If you are looking for an internship, we can help place you while you are at home, and you can start work after 1-2 weeks of courses.

Program Structure 
  • 50 Minutes per lesson

  • FLEX- Combine classes from of any of our courses: Oral Chinese, HSK Preparation,Chinese for Business, Survival…etc.

  • Flexible schedule (minimum 4 class hrs/week)

  • Tailor-made study content - Move at your own speed.

  • Focus on students’ individual requirements

  • Prepare to fly in the workplace



The beginning time of small group class are in March、April、September and October of each year.


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