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Why Learn Chinese

Learning Mandarin Chinese in China

Learning Mandarin Chinese can be a enjoyable and can be a very useful skill. With an economy growing by leaps and bounds, the importance of China on the world stage is increasingly felt. Chinese is the most frequently spoken language in the world with approximately 900 million speakers and is hence one of the key languages in the world culturally and in business.

Chinese can open doors to employment in a variety of occupations such as in virtually any business related to manufacturing as well as in teaching, translation, interpreting, and the growing travel industry. In the United States or other Western countries with large Chinese communities it can also lead to an increase rapport with Chinese employees that may be learning English or with contacts in companies abroad. With Asian economies growing significantly, learning Chinese greatly improves your chances of success in job markets dealing with these economies. Studying Chinese can be a fun task, as well as an important one.

Even if you just a casual traveler, learning it can also be beneficial since most of the sign boards and instructions in China are naturally written in Chinese, though the appearance of English signs is increasing. Studying Chinese to order food or communicate with locals, as well as talking with taxi drivers will enhance the experience of your travels significantly, if travel is your primary goal.

Studying Chinese is one step to joining the ranks of the businesses elite oriented toward the growing China market. Chinese is one of the great languages of the world. Learning Chinese is, as it is all over the western world, part of a world-class education. Mandarin is spoken in China and in Singapore, as well as in communities of Chinese immigrants.

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