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Intensive Courses

Intensive (or immersive) courses are the fastest, cheapest and most powerful way to quickly and deeply learn a Chinese language with XMandarin in Qingdao.

Intensive One to One Private Course   

Choose to study 1-on-1 with one or more Chinese teachers, to meet everyday from Monday to Friday accordingly arranged in the daytime, will allow you to grasp conversational mandarin Chinese and recognize simple Chinese characters effectively, it makes your Mandarin studies rapid progress but in low-stress.

Program Structure

  • You have the option of combining/taking classes from of any of our courses eg.spoken chinese, HSK Preparation, Chinese for Business etc.

  • 50 Minutes per lesson

  • Meet everyday from Monday to Friday

  • ≥15 teaching hours per week either in the morning or afternoon

  • Focus on practical Chinese

  • Guarantee of high teaching and service quality


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