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Learn chinese in qingdao's faq

Coming to study in China is not such a trival matter. Here are some answers to the questions of a study tour in China. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here or elsewhere on our website, please contact us by online chat or mandarin@tianyanedu.com.

We recommend you apply for the “L visa” (tourist visa) if you are staying for less than 3 months;  if you plan to stay for longer than 3 months, the X2 visa is recommended. After registration at XMandarin CLC, we are able to help you to extend your visa if you are going to study longer in Qingdao China. More details

Full Payment must be received by the XMandarin CLC upon your registration. If you live outside of China, you may pay by bank transfer or “west union”; if you live in China, you may come to our campus and pay by cash or credit card.

XMandarin CLC can arrange living accommodation to optimize your China experience. You can choose from a few different types of accommodation that are mostly within walking distance from the school, or alternatively stay at a Private Studio Apartment, Hostel or Hotel. The fees of single/doublerooms with in the price range: 1500-2500RMB/month; 3500-5000RMB/month for the private studio apartment(1-4persons), and 4000-5000RMB/month for the homestay.

XMandarin CLC's teachers are selected carefully, a strict entry examination and introduction training make sure everyone are being qualified, they are all university degree holders in language or language teaching with at least 2 years of experience teaching Mandarin (HSK) to foreigners. Every teacher is able to speak fluent English or other foreign language.


XMandarin CLC teaches students from over 53 different countries coming from all around the world. Depending on circumstances, 10% of our students come from North America and 8% come from South America, 41% come from Europe, 6% are from AU&NZ,34% come from Asia, and the rest 1% from Africa.

We offer a free evaluation. Students can visit our campus to take oral or written tests before joining our Chinese programs. Based on this assessment, you will be placed into class level most appropriate for you or set up a study goal for your private course. if you live outside of China, you may choose the on-line test on our website, or make an appointment with us for skype interview.

Yes, of course. We offer one 30-minutes free trail class for you. You can get a general idea of how the class is arranged and communicate with the teacher about your interest. If you think it is necessary to try the demo class, please make an appointment with your course adviser firstly, he/she will arrange the suitable teacher and the available classroom for you. Besides, we only offer one chance to attend the “free trail class”, after that you need to pay for the class.

The lessons in XMandarin CLC are held in Chinese and teachers give appropriate lessons are tailored to the level. So you can surely understand all the lessons. And all the teachers and staff here can speak other languages and therefore we will help you in many ways.

It depends: Not for group class, only if you notice XMandarin CLC before the course starts regarding which days you are absent (10%), our course advisor can help to arrange a tutor to help you to catch up. For private class, the missed time will be made up by the end of learning period.

Not really. However, the constituent element of written Chinese language is characters, not PinYin! And it will be difficult to go on studying Chinese above intermediate level if you are not acquainted with characters. So, the teachers will spend some minutes to explain Chinese characters and their rules in each class, and XMandarin CLC also has develped a system with text book to help you learn characters(please enquire your course advisor), so that you can identify them in the future.

XMandarin is dedicated to taking you out of the classroom and showing you the real China. If you like we offer a number of out-of-school excursions and our experienced coordinators are looking forward to give you a unique insight as to what makes the character of these special places so distinctive. And cultural activities we may regularly organize during your learning period.

HSK is the test which is made to propagate and set direction for learning Mandarin Chinese for non-native Chinese speakers and overseas Chinese people. You can measure and evaluate your Chinese language skills and utilize the results for in-China colleges and job-seeking. The tests will be held in each month, please check the exact test dates at the HSK website: http://www.chinesetest.cn

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