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Part-time Courses
One to One Private Courses

Combines study methods of high effectiveness and tailored course, which adopt well targeted and effective teaching methods to reach academic demand. XMandarin’s professional teacher focus on your actual needs and study interests, and you can arrange a weekly timetable from 4 to 20 lessons at your convenience.

Program Structure

  • Flexible schedule (minimum 4 class hrs/week) and teaching location
  • Tailor-made study content - Move at students’ own speed
  • Focus on students’ individual requirements
  • Guarantee of high teaching and service quality

Courses with China Visa

Students enrolled in this course can apply for the X2 visa and stay and study in China legally.

Small Group Courses

It is a good balance of study and daily life. It’s 2 lessons a day; 3 days a week give students spare time to self-study and work on personal business. The course mainly focuses on practical Chinese speaking and listening, teaches phonetics and basic Chinese characters.

Program Structure

  • Started when more than 4 persons registered or group reservation
  • 50 Minutes per lesson
  • 3-9 students per class
  • 2/3 lessons per day and 2/3 times per week from Monday to Fridy
  • Guarantee of high teaching and service quality
  • Classmates from all over the world

 *Sunday group class is just for begining and elementary level. 


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