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XMandarin Chinese courses are designed for you, the student. Our curriculum is flexible,professional, and proven to improve your Chinese. The majority of our classes are one-on-one and small group classes (capped at 12 students, usually much smaller), with an average teacher to student ratio of under 1:2. In order to suit our student’s schedules and provide the right instructor for you, we organize our courses into: intensive study course(Minimum 4 days a week, 10 hours a week), part time study (Minimum 1 time a week),summer course , HSK prep course , and online (skype) course .

With XMandarin, you choose how, when, and what (and even where) you want to study. For our private 1-on-1 classes, students can choose to study from a textbook or focus on specific needs and goals (one of our students is just learning and writing Chinese song lyrics!). No matter what type of class you want (HSK, Group, 1 to 1, or online), you can mix and match to create the perfect system for your needs, just contact us.

For more information about specific courses (such as tuition, course length, and structure),please view the appropriate course page, call us up, or send an email .


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