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Study Chinese in Qingdao

      美丽的     青岛     欢迎你   /   来    学习    汉语 
Beautiful Qingdao Welcomes You / [to] Come Study Chinese 

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Qingdao (青岛) means “Lush Island” in Chinese, and although it is actually a peninsula(半岛、literally ”half island”), it certainly is green. Famous for its magnificent summers,low cost of living, beer, coastline, lovable mountains, and usually blue skies, Qingdao is a comfortable and beautiful medium-sized city, in the east of Shandong Province.

Shandong Province’s motto is “Friendly Shandong,” and as a foreigner learning Mandarin here, you will feel the warmth, kindness and sometimes curiosity of the local people.

友好      方便    现代   干净
 Friendly    Convenient   Modern    Clean

To get good at a language you need to use it (not just books!). Chinese language is always useful in China, and moreso in Qingdao (not nearly as many foreigners as Beijing or Shanghai) and our students can make lifelong friends here in friendly Qingdao. From taking the bus or newly constructed Metro (projected to open in 2015) to shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables at the market, Chinese conversation becomes a part of daily life. Qingdao balances the feel of a modern, international city with that of a relaxed, towny attitude (120 years ago, before the Germans came, Qingdao was a village). Centrally located between Beijing, Shanghai, Korea and Japan, Qingdao has long been considered a diamond compromise between natural beauty, economic development, old culture and new ways.

Picturesque Qingdao is an ideal middle ground as urban environment. Compared to megacities like Beijing and Shanghai, pollution levels are low and skies are blue. There’s a famous saying here in China about Qingdao’s characteristics: 碧海、蓝天、红瓦、绿树 (Emerald Sea, Blue Sky, Red Roof, Green Tree). Something about ocean to the south and mountains to the east and north makes this location so comfortable.

[Y]our school, XMandarin, is located in the heart of the city, in the Central International Plaza (a 29 floor blue skyscraper, you can’t miss it!). Clean classrooms and modern facilities inside, your new favorite city outside; XMandarin is walking distance from mountain, sea,and all the modern conveniences of Qingdao. Within a 5 minute walk there is a giant bookstore, two shopping malls, a movie theater, dance studio, international dining (Japanese,Korean, Italian, American, fusion and snacks everywhere), as well as Qingdao’s famous Coffee and Tea Culture Street. Walk a little further and you can be sipping Tsingtao Beer(青岛啤酒) at some of Qingdao’s most popular bars and clubs, or shopping at H&M after checking out the sailboats at Marina City (and Olympic Sailing Center).

Oh yeah, we can do visas.  Come and study. 

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