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The XMandarin Chinese Language Centre is located in the heart of the city of Qingdao (directly in the CBD). With its location on the international plaza XMandarin Chinese Language Centre is located in direct proximity to traditional and international restaurants, shops, bookstores, cafés and shopping malls. The many bus lines arriving and departing at several bus stops around the international plaza provide easy access to the Language Centre. The newly opened subway now gives you fast connection to more distanced areas.

Phone number: (86)532-88078385/85890993
English Phone Service: 15275258316
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Email: study@xmandarinchinese.com billhao10@hotmail.com

Shinan Campus: Floor 20th, Building A, Central international (zhonghuan) Plaza, No. 19 zhangzhou Er Lu, (Bank of China’s uptairs), Qingdao

The way to XMandarin using the metro line 2

The way to XMandarin coming from the new Qingdao metro line 2 is very close and easy!

Step 1: Get of at燕儿岛路 ~ Yan'erdao Lu stop.

Step 2: Take exit A.

Step 3: When leaving the metro take the stairs on the right and immediately go left. Keep going straight until you reach a square on you right called the yuan yang guang chang~远洋广场. It is the first big square you encounter.

Step 5: From this square you are already able to see the XMandarin building (Zhonghuan International Plaza~中环国际广场) . Cross the square untill you reach the Zhangzou 2 lu ~漳州二路.

Step 6: Cross the Zhangzou 2 lu ~漳州二路to reach the Zhonghuan International Plaza


Step 7: When inside the building take the elevator up to the 20th floor and you have reached XMandarin!


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