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Students Life

Studying Mandarin is about more than just sitting in class and taking notes, it is about learning and experiencing Chinese culture, and enjoying your time out of class.XMandarin takes pride in offering helpful and complete service to our students; we provide help with applying for a visa, finding accommodation near our school, pick-up from the airport, finding part-time work, and we even organize monthly extra-curricular events.

Qingdao is a beautiful city, one of China’s number 1 tourist destination; famous for its blue sky, emerald sea, red roofs, and green trees (蓝天碧海,红瓦绿树), as well as delicious and fresh seafood, international life, and livable climate. Our school is located in the international heart of the city, within walking distance from the ocean, and [y]our campus is surrounded by great restaurants, bars, coffee shops and more attractions. Check out our past events , future schedule, and photo gallery to learn more about student life in Qingdao.


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