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Experienced teachers, comfortable circumstance, tailored service, convenient surroundings and well-known reputation makes us your best choice!

Study Tour

study tour

Do you want a study tour in China? Why not put your thoughts into action? Now cast your apprehension aside and contact us /click here.

Test yourself

test yourself

How is your Chinese? Which level are you right now? Take a test below to know more about your Chinese.

Learn Chinese

learn chinese in qingdao

China has a very long profound and attractive cultural history. Here is the garden of your Chinese learning and you can obtain various knowledge.

Corporate Training

corporate training

By virtue of our professional and international attitude, we are honored to be chosen as the Chinese training school of a lot of international company, Providing the best solution for improving expatriate staff‘s Chinese skill.

Teaching Video

teaching chinese video

Tired of the tediously long inculcation from the teacher and long to find an outlet for your talents and skills in the actual combat? Click here; lead you to a unique world to experience the outdoor class in the classroom.

Au Pair


Do not spend money to China, do you want? The Au pair comes to China based on a culture exchange program.



Here is a community for foreigners exchanging experience of learning Chinese and living in Qingdao as well as making friends.



Do you want us to help with your Chinese learning? Leave here your personal information and experience of your learning Chinese.

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