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Clean-up Hiking with XMandarin! 一起去爬山吧!

Living in qingdao, the attractive city with both nice mountain and sea,how can you spend all your weekend time at home or just walking? 

Go out for a hike!

Fu Shan is a popular alternative for Lao Shan thanks to its convenient location. It occupies approximately 7.5 km2 and with a peak of 384m2 it issuitable for everybody! Though there are a variety of trees living on Fu Shan, the larger part is occupied by black pine trees. The presence of several temples and small monuments in combination with an amazing natural sight is the recipe for a great cultural experience.

这个月的22号,XMandarin 邀请大家一起去浮山,我们一边爬山,一边清理山上的“不和谐因素”们,可以在欣赏优美风景的同时,为青岛的环保事业尽一份力~

On Apr 22nd, XMandarin ventures out to Fu Shan for a clean-up hike to contribute to a cleaner earth. With gloves and bags at our side we conquer the Fu Shan Mountain and enjoy the local scenery with all the wonderful sights this area has to offer. To make sure that we can enjoy this wonderful piece of nature for years to come we pick up all the trash we find along the way of our hike. 
This event is an opportunity for you to meet new people, practice your Chinese whilemaking a difference for the Fu Shan area. 

Different from usual, we found a good place to have a traditional qingdao style lunch ! After the hiking , how about go for a big lunch together?

So, what's happening?
Meet time/集合时间

22nd Apr, 2018,Sunday,8:50am
 Meet Place/集合地点

@XMandarin School
Event Fee/活动费用

free of charge
(68 yuan per person to join the lunch)

You make a difference!Hope to see you there!

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