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Joy, dream, and TEA. 晨起一杯茶,唤醒诗与梦。


Zhōnɡɡuó cháyì


The Chinese tea art is a tradition that started according to a legend 2737 BC. Tea has an extremely close relationship to Chinese culture. That´s why XMandarin organises an event of the traditional Chinese tea art.


To discover the fine art of Chinese tea making, XMandarin will visit the place that´s near the school. In this tea house, you will learn the aspects of this fine and tasteful part of the Chinese culture.


The Chinese tea is a symbol in the Chinese culture, it is a sign of gratitude at Chinese weddings, respect to older generations and to welcome new visitors or neighbours. It even used to get forgiveness, for example, a child who misbehaved to his parents. The Chinese tea is more than just a delicious hot drink, it is a big part of the Chinese culture.


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